The best selling author aspiration is one of my favourite to complete because it can be done completely from home and doesn’t take too long to get it done. It’s one of the many aspirations that appear under the creative category which is a fun way to make your sim.

This is a nice aspiration to completely because you don’t need to reach any career level, which means you can do this along side whichever career you choose or just do it as a work from home job. You can also make a lot of money from the writing skill so it can be a really lucrative choice for your sims.

Traits That Will Help With The Best Selling Author Aspiration


As with all other creative skills in the sims 4, being creative can really help your sim gain the skill faster and help them to write better books and make more money. Your sim will get inspired randomly and you can definitely make use of this.


The bookworm trait is a decent one to have as well, because your sim loves books. This means that they will get a happy moodlet immediately after they start a new book and can gain fun from reading books!


Perfectionist sims take a bit longer to finish their writing or painting which can be a pain in the butt, however, they are way more likely to create higher quality works of art which can be sold for more money. You also need to complete a few best sellers during the best selling author aspiration so this can be really helpful.

Muser (From The Aspiration)

When you choose to do the best selling author aspiration as the first aspiration for your sim, you’ll be given the muser trait. This is extremely helpful because muser sims get skill boosts whenever they’re inspired. So if you mix this with creative, you’ll be able to gain the writing skill super fast and write better books.

Creative Visionary Reward Store Trait

As you gain satisfaction points in the sims 4, you’ll be given the chance to buy new reward traits that can help your sim complete aspirations more quickly. The best one for the best selling author aspiration is Creative Visionary. This trait is 2,000 points which is a bit expensive, but your sim will have a higher change of writing best seller books which can help you complete the aspiration faster.

Reward Trait for the Best Selling Author Aspiration

One of the best parts about completing the best selling author aspiration is that you get the Poetic reward trait. This trait is seriously interesting and can really add some more depth to your game.

When you sim finally completes the aspiration, they will be given the chance to write a new type of book, the Book of Life. Once your sim finishes writing the book of life they can then click on the book to essentially capture the life of any sim they know in a book.

When your sim reads this book, it will fill all needs completely which can really help out in the game, so that’s a bonus. But that’s not all the Poetic trait is good for.

If the sim who the book is written about happens to pass away, the author can summon the ghost no matter where they passed away. You can then become friendly with the ghost and add them to your household.

That’s not all, guys! You can get the ghost to actually read the book of life you wrote about them and they will be brought back to life!

Book Names and Descriptions

Writing books in the sims 4 can be a little boring to watch because your sim is just sitting on the computer, however, there is one fun way to make being a writer more interesting.

In the sims 4, you can change the name and description of the book’s you’re writing to suit whatever storyline your sim is currently going through. They could write children’s books for their child while they’re pregnant, they could write a mystery book while living in Strangerville, the opportunities are endless!

Stages of the Best Selling Author Aspiration

Level One: Fledge-linguist

  • Write 2 Books
  • Write for 1 Hour While Inspired

Since the quality of the books doesn’t really matter in this section, you can really write any genre to satisfy these requirements. I would suggest writing two children’s books because they take the least amount of time and can be done in a matter of hours. If you need to get inspired, go take a thoughtful shower.

Level Two: Competent Wordsmith

  • Achieve Level 4 Writing Skill
  • Have Written for 15 Total Hours
  • Write 5 Good Books

Since you now need to write good books instead of just books in general, it’s more important that you focus on quality. You should try your best to completely some whims and spend those satisfaction points on something like Creative Visionary or Marketable so you can write better books that will sell for more money, and they will help you write good books more quickly.

Level Three: Novelest Novelist

  • Achieve Level 6 Writing Skill
  • Publish 10 Books
  • Write 5 Excellent Books

Since you have to write 10 books, you can pretty much count on at least 5 of those being excellent books since you’ve dedicated so much time to helping your sim gain the skill and really grow as a writer. This means that you should focus on just publishing those 10 books. You can even save the books from level one and two and publish them all at once so you can complete this part of the aspiration quicker.

Level Four: Bestselling Author

  • Achieve Level 10 Writing Skill
  • Completely 3 Bestsellers
  • Have Earned 25,000 in Royalties From Publishing Books

Since you’ve been working on writing books for so long, chances are you’ll already be at level 10 of the writing skill so that one should be easy to complete. If you’ve already sold your books to publishers and self published a few, you’ll already have been making some royalties so you should be well on your way! The creative visionary trait is a great one to have so you can complete your best sellers.

Final Thoughts

The best selling author aspiration can be a really great one to complete if your sim is staying at home with their children, or wants to complete an aspiration on the side while working a different job. It’s a really great one because you can make a lot of money from royalties.

Have you ever completed the best selling author aspiration? How long did it take you to finish? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments!