Sims 4 Best Selling Author Aspiration Walkthrough

There are so many aspirations to work through in the game but the sims 4 best selling author aspiration is a great one. This aspiration is great because your sims are able to do it entirely from home and it won’t take too long to get it done.

The great thing about the sims 4 best selling author aspiration is that it’s one of the few aspirations that isn’t tied to a career. This means your sims can be working through another career like the astronaut career while working on their writing on the side. It’s also a great aspiration because you can earn quite a bit of money through royalties!

Traits That Help With The Sims 4 Best Selling Author Aspiration

There are a whole bunch of different traits for you to choose from for your sims but there are definitely specific traits that make finishing aspirations easier. There are three traits that are great for you to choose from to work through the sims 4 best selling author aspiration.

The first trait is the creative trait which is amazing because it will help your sims become inspired more often. Being inspired is going to let your sims gain the writing skill more quickly and make better quality books.

The next trait that you may want to give your sims is the perfectionist trait which is good but also bad. The good is that it will help your sims create higher quality work but the bad is that it is going to take them longer to write books because they want them to be perfect.

The final trait that you may want to think of is the bookworm trait because it makes it so your sims love books. This means they’ll get a happy buff immediately after starting a new book and will gain fun from reading books (even their own books)!

Creative Visionary Reward Store Trait

There is an entire reward store in the game that allows you to use your satisfaction points to purchase new traits for your sims. If you’re wanting to work through the sims 4 best selling author aspiration more quickly you’ll definitely want the creative visionary reward trait.

This reward store trait is going to cost you 2,000 satisfaction points which is definitely pricey but it’s worth it. With this trait your sims are going to have a higher chance of writing best seller books which can help you complete the aspiration faster and get more royalties.

Sims 4 Best Selling Author Aspiration Bonus Trait

Whenever you choose an aspiration in create-a-sim you’re going to see that your sims are awarded with a bonus trait. These are great because they add to your sim’s personality and when you choose the sims 4 best selling author aspiration you’re going to see your sims have the muser trait.

This is an extremely helpful trait for this aspiration (or other aspirations like painter extraordinaire) because a muser is going to get skill boosts whenever they’re feeling inspired. Mixing this with the creative trait means you’ll be able to gain the writing skill super fast and write better books.

Reward Trait for the Sims 4 Best Selling Author Aspiration

Whenever your sim finishes an aspiration in the game they are going to be given a reward trait and this aspiration has one of the best reward traits in the game. Your sims are going to get the poetic reward trait which is really interesting and can actually help you save sims from death.

With this poetic trait they are going to have the opportunity to write a new type of book, The Book of Life. Once they are finished writing this book they can capture the life of another sim in this book which will help bring this sim back to life when they pass.

Your sim is going to have this book in their inventory for a while and if they read it they’ll get their needs filled, but that’s not the main use for this book. If you get the ghost of the sim who has been captured to read the book of life, they are going to immediately come back to life.

Having sims come back to life is so awesome because you can get them to have more time with their family and friends, more time earning skills and way more time to build more memories.

Stages of the Sims 4 Best Selling Author Aspiration

Every single aspiration in the game have a bunch of different levels for you to work through before you’ll be awarded with a bonus trait. As you complete the different tasks you’re going to start earning the satisfaction points rewards too which you can use to buy other traits.

The sims 4 best selling author aspiration has four levels for your sims to work through to be able to finish the aspiration.

Level One: Fledge-linguist

  • Write 2 Books
  • Write for 1 Hour While Inspired

The first part of this aspiration is to write two books of any quality, this means that you just need to finish any two books. The easiest way to do this is to write children’s books because they take the least amount of time.

You’ll then need to write for one hour while inspired. To get your sims inspired you can take a thoughtful shower which is the easiest way, then immediately jump on the computer and start writing.

sims 4 best selling author aspiration level 1

Level Two: Competent Wordsmith

  • Achieve Level 4 Writing Skill
  • Have Written for 15 Total Hours
  • Write 5 Good Books
level two of the competent wordsmith level

The first part of this stage is to make sure that your sims can get to level four of the writing skill. To do this you’ll just want to continue to write books in your sim’s spare time, you can use things like the inspired emotion to jump start your skill gains.

Next, you’ll need to have written for 15 hours. This does not need to be all at once, just a collective fifteen hours and you’ll already be a few hours into this just by completing the first part of the aspiration.

Finally, you’ll need to write five good books. Getting your sims to write better quality books can be done through only writing when your sims are inspired or getting the creative visionary trait.

Level Three: Novelest Novelist

  • Achieve Level 6 Writing Skill
  • Publish 10 Books
  • Write 5 Excellent Books
sims 4 best selling author aspiration novelest novelist level

The first part of the third level of the sims 4 best selling author aspiration has your sims needing to reach level six of the writing skill. You’ll do this through continuing to write books on your sim’s computer whenever you have time until you eventually reach it. You can earn the skill quicker by making sure your sims feel inspired or using different lot traits to your advantage.

Next you’ll need to publish ten different books, this is easy. Every single time you finish a book you’ll want to head over to the mailbox and choose to sell the book to publishers.

Finally, writing five excellent books is going to take you a while but it is quite easy. To make your books excellent quality you’ll want to make sure your sims are getting their writing skill higher, only writing when they’re in a good mood and using the inspired mood to your advantage.

Level Four: Bestselling Author

  • Achieve Level 10 Writing Skill
  • Complete 3 Bestsellers
  • Have Earned 25,000 in Royalties From Publishing Books
sims 4 best selling author aspiration level four

The first part you need to complete is maxing out your sim’s writing skill which you’ll probably already be done by this point, or be close to completing. You’ll just need to continue writing books on the computer until you can complete this step.

Completing three best selling books is going to be a bit harder because they need to be books of higher quality. To get your sims to write best sellers you’re going to need to focus on getting them to write while their needs are high and they are feeling inspired. Adding traits like creative visionary is a good idea too!

Finally, you’ll need to earn 25,000 simoleons from royalties which may take you a while but isn’t too hard. You’ll want to finish books and immediately click on the mail box and sell the book to a publisher, not self-publish, to make sure you earn maximum royalties.

Final Thoughts

When you’re playing The Sims 4 there are so many different aspirations and skills for your sims to learn. The sims 4 best selling author aspiration can be a really fun one for your sims to work on if they want to stay at home with their children or want to have writing as a hobby while they work on another career. You can really make a lot of money through royalties over time too which is extremely nice. Happy Playing!

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